Long ago, people believe that our earth is flat and there is just earth in the universe. Planets revolved around the earth, including the sun. We all are packed in a boxwood. Outside the box, there was nothing or they made the perception of a higher power like the God.

But an exception is always there. Rather than standing on the same spot with everyone else, a theorist stepped forward and throw his vision of an extraordinary universe outside the so-called box.

Shiftless people don’t want this change in their beliefs because it was very easy for them to trust simple the box story. Theorist was burnt alive after long prisoned. Every another scientist who came up with this theory was assassinated.

Philosophers were the true rebels who dare this unmoved world with their new ideas. In reality, it’s really comfortable for people to stick around in the same position rather than fighting against the flutter. That’s why people hate change.

You have all the magic balls in your hand, but they are hibernating.

1. Motivation (have on tonnes, even you are overflowing with this)

2. Inspiration (roaming around you in every second of time)

3. Goals (already set since you are minor)

Still, you are watching upward for something fall from the sky and your life get changed all in once. Basically, you want any mantra or technique to inject and get the tasks do on their own. You believe gastric bypass is much easier rather than regular running.

I know, you have tonnes of ideas buried back in your mind to execute someday. You don’t find perfect mood or time or any other thing that you can compensate with your comfort.

Easiest way to justify

We are always finding live examples with the same situations as ours, to justify our failed tasks. And so we define those people as a point of reference to our failed existence. We start feeling relaxed by seeing those people who are like us rather than guilty that we are yet sticking out on the same spot.

“It’s okay if I failed, everyone is like me here”

You have banned yourselves to find patterns in failed tasks and always try to hide guilt. !!!!LAME!!!!

There is one thing faster than light, your decision taking ability to do a task LATER. !!!!SHAME!!!!!

Cover-up : I will do this later.

Hidden Reality: I will do this never if this will not be hooked around my neck.

“I will start study” vs ”I will study never until I will get low marks”

“I will start running later” vs “I will never start running until my body finds any health issue”

You are always waiting for the deadline, you never start on time or end up on time and that’s sometimes become the reason why you are still standing on the same spot.

Here is your place where you get bold out by your own concept. This happens because your comfort zone is protected by unbreakable shields. You can directly remove this by bringing your idea into existence, get one level higher from the same spot.

Create New Habit

Every morning, before anything else, I used to check mails, messages and other updates. This process banned me for an hour or two and then I had to struggle with time to bathe.

I have in mind to exercise before bathing. I started it with 5 minutes exercise. You cannot break any habit instead you can directly replace it with new. In between, two bad habits fill the loophole by generating new habit.

I set out with a small and consistent process, 5 minutes workout. Small things are easy to handle. When you become the expert in the small matter then you can handle any version of the same matter.

Slowly, that 5 minutes converted into 1.5 hours of yoga plus running plus exercise and totally replace my web time.

Many people complaining about how to sustain that task for permanent. The comfort zone is very strong and sensible that you are drawn towards it again and again. Something that an organized person should have in them to be successful in their task or which make a successful person different from you i.e. WILL.

Build Will

Burger boy Joey, fully motivated and truly inspired from his gym brother. And has one goal, muscular body. He fixes his time to run across 10 km.

After first 3 km, his brain start sending triggers to him. Okay dude, you ran very well, now stop. All in his mind circulating that 3 km is enough. Mental distraction starts overpowering his will.

50% people drop their will here.

But Joey’s stood against his mental. Then at 5–6 km Brain start triggering his physical distractions. His breath is blown up, legs start pain and shoulders slipping towards down.

40% people gets down here.

Saturation point

When your mental and physical distractions are on one level to go to win, your will is still alive on one level to lose. This is our saturation point.

This is the judgement point of your WILL. Your will is overpowered by distractions at the extreme. Just keep one thing in mind that these distractions are indirectly strengthening your will. If you won this saturation point, your WILL will never drop in future.

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